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Photographic Intuitive Reading

The dark room oracle blends mediumship of art, ritual and divination by altering the surface of light sensitive paper with basic rituals elements: fire and salt. The markings are then interpreted further in response to one's inquires. 

This process began as a material study in 2016 and evolved into a divination technique by Nebi Void, inviting others to partake in the creation of these individualized images as one would during any psychic reading. The results are consistently diverse and dependent on the exchange and inquiry. The first round of collaborative prints were used to make the Dark Room Oracle Deck self published in 2020.

A Dark Room Oracle includes a live virtual session creating an 8x10 black and white divination print on RC paper, a detailed reading of the imagery and a video recording our your session. Recorded sessions will receive a video recording the creation of your print and a detailed interpretation. Prints are delivered by mail within 1-2 weeks after your session. 

Every print is signed by Nebi Void.






How do I utilize this service?


This is a divination session much like scrying, tea leaf reading or any abstracted form of divining. You can ask a specific question or leave the reading open. Nebi deciphers the markings and the essence of the imagery to decode abstract messaging. 


What type of photo paper is used?

RC photo paper develops quickly and is more sensitive to the markings made upon the surface of the paper during divination. RC prints, if properly cared for and hung in a frame away from direct sunlight, can be just as long lasting as fibre based papers.



Will my prints be used to make future deck work?

No, not unless you specifically request this. This service is reserved for the individual who will receive their personalized print that is included in the reading and pricing. Future decks planned will be created with specific intent and will be acquired through a call to collaborate.

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