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An experimental space within the boundaries of RITUAL, which can span over the course of days, weeks or months. 


While the breadth of the work is to be experimental, following the structure of and engaging in a ritual offers protection, creates boundaries that are crucial to uphold during emotional and spiritual work, grounding and invoking the desired energies and participants. The schedule can be adjusted based on each practitioner but are guided by the below:

0. The initial meeting, a space to explore, share and get to know one another, establishing intentions and creating

the "altar space", consider tools and supplies.

1.Opening ceremony. Establishing boundaries, invoking other guides and support, leaving offering. Journeying/imagining/exploration.

( receiving information/downloads )

2. Vocalizing intentions of the work 

( intuitive creation )

3. The ask

4.The promise/commitment/thanks

5.Parting and closing


A final ceremony or offering that can be shared with the community.

This does not need to occur immediately after your residency and can be offered at a future. 


A residency with Dark Room Oracle intersects performance, ritual, folk magic and poetry/pros, materialization. Past residents, for example, used the instagram platform to post digital spells, hold panels via zoom, and create divination exchanges. You may choose to write letters, facilitate a bridge between Dark Room Oracle space and your space through record keeping, psychic works, offering products or services for a specific amount of time within rules, themes or elements. We are particularly versed in lunar work, journey work, divination, poetry, herbal folk magic, personal myth and lore, photography, performance art. The residency is currently facilitated by Nebi Void and assisted by Sarah Blanchette with occasional guest artists and makers. The residency can serve as a jump start to ideas or works that need room to explore without material restriction, focusing on ideas, concept or actions. 

 Some guidelines to consider before inquiring :


We are a sliding scale residency with the goal of gathering a pool of resources for future stipends. For that reason, we are flexible with timelines and resourceful with how we guide your vision and share your work. 

We want to connect with thinkers, crafters, practitioners that work at the liminal of art and the occult. Currently, we are looking for residents who are willing to showcase their work through whatever medium fits their practice and goal of the work.

Nebi utilizes their expertise in forging connections and facilitating experiences.

Sarah has a vast resource in professional development and creative counseling. Together we manifest a fully-rounded residency.

To Inquire

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