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dark room oracle
dark room oracle

Residency Ritual

First launched in 2020, works were showcased on the Dark Room Oracle IG focusing on collaborative works that experimented with social media as a medium of transcendence, a portal, a telepathic tool. Future works aim to penetrate both digital and physical spaces.

Over the course of 5 days, Finn posted planetary glyphs on the Dark Room Oracle IG and hosted a panel, At The Crossroads of Art And The Arts with guest speakers, Matthew Venus of Spiritus Arcanum and Vancouver based artist, Miki Aurora.


Finn’s work trickles with occult experiences, thought and experimentation. The aspects of their work that I love the most is the questioning of what lens I am looking through. I can view a video , peer into images and move through installations and my visceral responses transport me through a doorway of the occult. Unsure of how I really got there , I am then left to question about the lines drawn between fine art and the creations of a practitioner. 

works by Sarah C. Blanchette
morphed and mused

A weaver of photographic imagery and personal narrative, she makes tangible her relationship with the self into vulnerable fiber sculptures. Her multidisciplinary approach and draw to personal mythology, brings her to the doorstep of Residency Virtual. As she wanders through this shadowy realm during the beginning of 2021, she will collect signs and symbols in which to decipher her unconscious.
Sarah’s current works are in co-creation with the animism that graces the woods near her home. To understand the importance of Sarah’s shift in her current practice, we should be encouraged to view it through the lens of folklore and dissect the symbolism appropriately. Sarah and her body, her home, the woods, the deer , the camera - all play an important role for the psychic experience. 

So let us invite her photographic captures and digital morphings to formulate symbology that translates language between ancient friends - Human and animal. 

The particular animal in this work focuses on a large buck and herd of deer. While the topic can seem too simplistic (especially to your everyday mid-west occupant ), we have to understand Sarah’s topics of intersections. Some of which include but are not limited to the pastime of modern hunting culture, the voyeurism of photography, and cathartic practices.

residency ritual
residency ritual


This collaboration is between myself and an artist , who wishes to stay anonymous during their time at the residency .

This residency is an exchange between myself and another , from one destination to another through the virtual portal . The oracle in this instance isn’t providing words / interpretations paired with readings. The artist themself responds to the image in any way they feel fit to. It is a daily meditation , an intuitive ritual that prepares for larger works - examining how intuition , and the art/ magic of coincidence through pulling cards , deepens the relationship between the maker and their works in progress. 
The image is pulled and delivered to the artist every night and the response works are returned before morning when they are posted here. 


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