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Nebi Void

Chthonic Escort,
Art Witch, Folk Diviner

Nebi Void's spiritual consulting focuses on the sovereignty of the individual, reaching for the core hidden among projections, self doubt and fear. Their approach can be summarized in "the poison is medicine" that which we experience the most discomfort or blockage will also carry our own unique magic, qualities, gifts and often the answers to our concerns. As your chthonic escort, Nebi dives deep to aid your search for clarity.  

Nebi has been offering intuitive services professionally for 7 years. She blends a slavic diaspora folk practice as a deep honoring of the ancestral cult, animism, recovery from active addiction, her artistic practice and love for divination into a multifaceted web to channeling messages and interpreting symbols of the Other World. She has been demonstrating an approach to shadow work in her Shadow Workers and The Moon courses since 2020 and is the creator of the their self published deck - Dark Room Oracle and is the owner of the studio.

Most services are currently offered virtually. Shadow Play, Ritual Crafting and Art Witch have house visit options within 30 miles of Romeo, Michigan. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Shadow Play

15 MIN

30 MIN


* house call available

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* house call available

* house call available

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