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The Highest Priest

Liam has been creative his entire life. After growing up in a kitchen with his mom and grandmother, he decided to study pastry arts, working as a pastry chef for several years. As a child, Liam would dream of being a tarot card reader. The ability to give complete strangers helpful messages in such a profound way was truly inspiring. Once the world flipped upside-down during the COVID pandemic in 2020, Liam was presented with some choices. At the beginning of 2023 High Life Tarot would finally manifest.

Cannabis has been a part of divinatory workings for literally thousands of years. High Life Tarot is the convergence of tarot and astrology, combined with the magic of cannabis. With a modern approach, Liam brings High Life Tarot and reading tarot cards to an entirely new elevation. Utilizing modern technology, most readings are done virtually. This makes sure both client and reader are partaking safely and responsibly. Liam encourages clients who are comfortable and familiar with cannabis to partake during readings along with him. 

-All readings come with an audio recording of the session

-Virtual Readings include cannabis strain recommendations

-Experienced users are encouraged to partake responsibly

Click on a service below to begin.

Liam  / Dark Room Oracle
Tarot Reading with Liam
Celtic Cross Reading
Birth Chart with Liam
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